At Studio50 we are dedicated to providing the most efficient, fun workouts on the market. Although all four classes are different, each stays true to being low-impact and high intensity. We believe in longevity. We want you to move better and feel stronger. Check out which classes are best for you.




Our Megaformer classes combine strength trainingcardiocore workflexibility, and balance training to give you the most efficient and effective workout available. This class is high-intensity and low-impact all on a patented mega-machine called the Megaformer. We focus on slow, controlled movements with spring resistance for a full body burn! With only 8 spots per class, our classes are small and intimate. Our instructors thoroughly assist and walk your through each exercise. 



Barre combines ballet movements with cardio, strength training, and core work to create a toned dancer’s physique. You'll use the ballet Barre and other light equipment as you move through class, targeting different areas of your body. Give us one hour and we’ll give you the best of barre.




Scorch HIIT takes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and then heats it up to 100 degrees to further ignite your metabolism!  It is a full body, low impact conditioning system based on the Tabata method that produces rapid results. You will have a lean, toned, flexible body with regular practice. This high energy class is performed on a yoga mat using body weight only in 98 degree infrared. Therefore, get ready to sweat! 



Expect to sweat and flow in 100 degree infrared heat. Our classes torch caloriesstrengthen your core, and slim your figure. We focus on full-body strengthening and lengthening to improve posture and mobility! Each instructor brings their passion for yoga and love for music to every class. Balance your body and walk out of class feeling better than before. 



Looking for a more personalized experience? You can book a private session with any of our amazing teachers. Please email to schedule a session.